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Making sense of Workers Compensation

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Click the button to start making sense of your Workers Compensation program. 

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"With IPG's Compsense, my employees and I feel secure and valued. The ease of access to coverage and the responsive support team make the entire process seamless. It's a relief to know that we're protected, and our well-being is a priority

L Thompson

Program Success 

Getting your business on the road to better coverage. 

Tailored Plan 

After our initial meeting, IPG tailors a specific plan to meet your businesses workers compensation needs.

Based on your companies needs IPG implements a service calendar to make sure you know exactly how your program is moving. 

MOD Reduction

Is your business suffering because of an increase in your MOD rate? 

Compsense helps business owners understand what goes into their MOD rate and how it is affecting their businesses bottom line. After our initial meeting IPG sets up proven  strategies to reduce your workers compensation costs

Safe Strategies 

Compsense isn't just an insurance plan, it's a business partnership that will help your business grow. 

From helping to craft employee safety manuals, employee protocols, and claims management, this program is your partner in business growth. 

Blue-collar worker
"The Compsense program has simplified our workers' compensation needs in ways I couldn't have imagined. The program is intuitive, and the policy options are comprehensive. Dealing with claims has never been this efficient, allowing us to get back on track quickly

R. Martinez

"It's not just getting coverage; you're getting a partner in keeping  business running smoothly and your team protected."

Making sense.

To all business owners who've juggled more paperwork than a circus clown with an extra set of hands – IPG presents the Compsense workers' compensation program, a game-changer that's more exciting than finding a missing stapler and more magical than turning coffee into productivity!

Compsense isn't just your typical workers' comp – it's your business's trusty sidekick, offering more support than your favorite office plant. Tired of deciphering codes and acronyms that make you feel like you're decoding a secret government message? Compsense steps in with clear, concise information that will turn you into a workers comp wiz. This program has your back when it comes to those worker-related "uh-oh" moments – from the klutz who somehow managed to trip over their own shadow to the hero who's one paper cut away from writing a novel.

With Compsense, you're not just getting coverage; you're getting a partner in keeping your business running smoothly and your team protected. So, bid adieu to the endless stacks of forms and embrace the superhero cape of simplicity – it's time to experience the magic of Compsense from IPG!

Professional Cleaning Worker
"Compsense from IPG isn't just an insurance program; it's a partnership that ensures the safety and prosperity of my business. Their commitment to understanding our unique needs and providing customized solutions has been invaluable. With Compsense, we're set up for success."

E. Anderson

Frequently Asked  Questions

How does Compsense improve my workers' compensation coverage compared to other options?

Compsense is designed to elevate your workers' compensation experience. Our program not only provides the essential coverage required by law but goes beyond, offering transparent terms and clear communication that takes the guesswork out of insurance. With Compsense, you're not just getting coverage; you're getting a comprehensive solution that simplifies the process while ensuring your business and employees are protected

How flexible is Compsense in accommodating the needs of my business?

 Compsense is designed with flexibility in mind. We understand that every business is unique, which is why our program can be tailored to fit your industry, size, and specific requirements. Whether you're a small business or a larger enterprise, Compsense can be adjusted to provide the coverage that aligns with your business's needs

How does Compsense  simplify the workers' compensation process for business owners?

We believe in making workers' compensation straightforward for business owners. Compsense offers a user-friendly approach with clear policy options, streamlined claims processes, and a responsive support team. Our goal is to make the experience efficient and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on managing your business while we handle the intricacies of workers' compensation.

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Fix my Workers Comp.

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