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"When your back of house is strong, your front of house shines." 

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I can't thank IPG Insurance enough for their Back of House Restaurant Program. As a small cafe owner, I always worried about unexpected expenses derailing my business. But with their coverage, I'm not only protected, I'm empowered. Their team genuinely cares about my success, and that's priceless

S. Turner

Program Success

Where the Pasta meets the Pot. 

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Client Satisfaction

Clients who made the switch to the back of house program reported a 90% satisfaction rate with their decision, with superior customer service ranking at the top of their decision to switch.

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Better Coverage

Clients who made the switch to the back of house program reported a 40% increase in coverages over their previous policies.

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Lower Costs

Clients who made the switch to the back of house program reported a 20% overall reduction in insurance costs compared to their previous policies.

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"IPG's Back of House Restaurant Program has revolutionized the way I run my food truck business. With their comprehensive coverage, I no longer lose sleep over equipment breakdowns or accidents. I'm backed by the best, and that confidence reflects in every dish I serve."



Our Program

Tired of watching chefs do the "insurance dance" more often than the cha-cha in their kitchens, IPG had a culinary epiphany: let's cook up something special for those who whip up magic on the stove! And thus, the Back of House Restaurant insurance program was born – a recipe for protection that's as satisfying as a perfectly seared steak.


Imagine this: You're a restaurant owner, juggling pots, pans, and the occasional flying spatula, all while trying to keep your establishment running like clockwork. Enter IPG's Back of House program, your trusty sidekick in this gastronomic adventure. This program doesn't just cover your kitchen chaos; it embraces it! From mysterious appliance malfunctions to servers who think sliding is an Olympic sport, IPG's got your back. Worried that your famous seafood linguine might cause unexpected allergic reactions? Fear not! This program swoops in like a caped food-saver, shielding you from legal troubles faster than your sous-chef can julienne a carrot.


So, if you're a restaurant owner who's tired of watching your profits go up in smoke (literally, if you've ever witnessed a kitchen fire), IPG's Back of House Restaurant insurance program is here to make your culinary dreams more delectable and your worries less filling. After all, with IPG, you can focus on perfecting your béarnaise sauce instead of drowning in a sea of insurance fine print – and that's a win-win, even if your soufflé falls flat.

"The coverage IPG provides isn't just a safety net – it's a springboard for my restaurant dreams. Their Back of House Program doesn't just protect my investments, it fuels my ambitions. The tailored coverage options and dedicated support have been instrumental in my restaurant's success"

A. Nguyen

How can the Back of House Restaurant insurance program help me save money while maintaining quality coverage?

The Back of House program is designed to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on coverage. Our tailored policies allow you to choose the protection you need most, helping you avoid unnecessary expenses while ensuring your restaurant is well-protected against a range of potential risks.

Frequently Asked

Can the Back of House program be customized to fit the unique needs of my restaurant?

Absolutely! We know that each restaurant is different. The Back of House program offers flexibility, allowing you to tailor your coverage to match your restaurant's size, type, and specific requirements. Whether you're running a fine dining establishment, a food truck, or anything in between, our program can be adjusted to suit your business's needs perfectly

How does IPG's Back of House insurance program simplify the insurance process for restaurant owners?

We believe in making insurance easy. Our Back of House program streamlines the insurance process with straightforward policy options, easy-to-understand terms, and a responsive support team. Whether you're seeking quotes, managing claims, or updating your coverage, we're here to ensure the process is efficient and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your restaurant.

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