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Free Advice Friday!--Life Insurance

Earlier this week I was finishing up with a new client named Bill who I had just written an auto and home insurance policy for.

Making the normal chit-chat, I asked Bill a simple question.

“Bill, let me ask you a question,” I said. ” If you get in a fatal car accident heading back home this afternoon, what’s your plan?”

A little taken back, Bill looked back and said, “Well I don’t really know, I’m sure my wife’s sister would help my wife as much as she could with everything but I’m sure things will be taken care of. I have a policy with my job that should cover things.”

In response I gave Bill the same advice that my grandfather use to give to me. “Bill, thinking and hoping is not a plan.”

When it comes to life insurance and taking care of your family in the unfortunate instance of an untimely death you need to have a plan for what is going to take place after you are gone.

Take a minute and put down your phone right now and really think about what might happen if you or your significant other weren’t here anymore.

Make a list. What are your bills? Is there tuition? Rent? Mortgage? Car note? While listing these out dont forget to also list out just the everyday mundane bills, groceries and cost of living.

So, what’s your plan?

For these times, there’s no better answer than saying “I have a life insurance policy that will cover me in the event something happens.”

“How much do I need?” “Where do I turn for a quote?” “Do I need term or a whole life policy?”

These may be some of your next questions. We recommend clicking here and we can guide you through, and get you a simple, cost effective quote. Also, If you want to know more on life insurance check out our blog here to answer some of your questions before making an appointment.

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