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I've been with IPG Insurance for a while, and they've consistently exceeded my expectations. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable, always ready to answer my questions and guide me through policy options. When I had a claim last year after a minor accident, the claims process was smooth and efficient. They truly care about their clients' well-being and have provided me with a sense of security that money can't buy."

Sara M. 

What we offer


Prosurance- Insurance for home service pros
Compsense- making workers compensation make sense
Back of House Restaurant insurance program



Risk Riffs IPG insurance blog

Risk Riffs- Our blog

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"IPG Insurance is like the ultimate safety net with a twist of fun! I mean, who knew insurance could actually be enjoyable? Their team has this magical ability to turn confusing policy jargon into understandable English. It's like they're speaking my language - which is a big deal. Thanks to IPG, I can sleep at night without worrying about life's unexpected curveballs."

Emily S. 

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About IPG

IPG believes in cutting to the chase. We're not here to spin tales of our founders' epic journeys through the world of insurance or describe our office decor in painstaking detail. No, we're all business. 

In fact that's our specialty. We don't just dabble in commercial lines insurance; our mission is to protect your business, while not leaving you insurance poor. Our team of seasoned professionals knows the ins and outs of commercial insurance like we know our morning coffee.

So, whether you're running a mom-and-pop shop or a corporate giant, we've got your back.

Let's talk coverage, not fluff.

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